Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Pics as Promised!

I mentioned on our family adoption blog that I had new pics that my mom sent me of John Paul being grandpa's little helper. :) They were building a bigger dog crate for their little dog. Sure beats buying one and John Paul and grandpa Rob looked like that had a blast! I posted the grandpa's helper pictures backward in order. The progress will start from the bottom up. He has also started feeding himself now! I had only been able to get him to do it several times, but thanks to grammy Gwen's home made banana pudding he is feeding himself now. Now why didn't I think of that? lol!

So here are the new pics of him. I have video of him eating too, but I am not sure if I can get it to load here. I have a wireless internet connection and it is downloading slowly. No complaints though! Thanks the Lord I have internet in my apartment!! I will try to tackle the video download tomorrow.


Amanda said...

It looks like John Paul had a lot of fun helping Grandpa!

Way to go on feeding yourself John Paul!

Great photos, thanks for sharing them with us.

Amanda (RR)

grammygwen said...

I have to say that it isn't really a crate, just an enclosure to keep snapper in while John Paul is visiting. After all the time spent the Little Snapper likes the smaller one better. Go At least grandpa and JP had a good time making it. I forgot to tell you that yesterday he took his little tool set and sat down in front of it like he was going to fix something on it. We love having him here!!!! Can't wait for you to get home with Dasha. I love you. Mom

Erin said...

Hi Kristy and John Paul,

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